A Morningstar star rating is the measure of the risk-adjusted return of a fund relative to other funds in the same category, explains Fund ratings range from one to five stars, with the top performers receivin... More »

Morningstar bases its mutual fund ratings on past performance, and the funds in the top 10 percent of each fund category receives a five-star rating, explains Morningstar. Morningstar rates funds on a three-, five- and 1... More »

The Morningstar Rating for Funds is a proprietary system that assigns each mutual fund a rating from one to five stars based on the fund's historical performance in relation to similar funds, according to the Morningstar... More »

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Some five-star mutual funds offering an acceptable return on investment, as of 2015, include Matthews China Dividend Investor, T. Rowe Price Diversified Sm Cap Growth, and Vanguard PrimeCap Core Fund, according to Mornin... More »

Some reputable energy exchange-traded funds (ETFs) include Market Vectors Global Alt Energy ETF with an overall rating of A and a risk grade of B-, PowerShares Global Clean Energy ETF with an overall rating of B+ and a r... More »