A parts list for Mori Seiki lathes is available from the download center on the DMG Mori website. It can be accessed from the product page or from the link on the right side of the homepage. More »

Mini lathes are tools used for shaping plastic, wood and other materials. They come in three different sizes: a 7 by 10-inch model, a 7 by 12 model and a 7 by 14 model. Fundamentally, metal lathes are used for shaping ha... More »

A list of American manufacturers can be found at and An additional curated list of the 500 largest American manufacturers and the products they make can be found at IndustryWe... More »

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Online retailers such as Products America and Storkcraft sell crib replacement screws and other parts. Stores such as Walmart and Target, home centers such as The Home Depot and Lowe's, and various hardware stores also s... More »

Element Electronics, an American-owned company, outsources some of its parts to other countries but assembles the televisions in the United states and is committed to bringing more of its manufacturing process back into ... More »

Some manufacturers who make replacements parts for wind power plants include Siemens, ACCIONA Energy and Vestas. These manufacturers sell their parts in most parts of the world directly or through partners. More »

A Competitor Cross Reference Guide compares parts from various manufacturers, so that technicians can replace fuses from other companies with Bussman products. The guide matches competitor part numbers with Bussmann part... More »