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A Morgan silver dollar piece is a coin that was minted from 1878 to 1921. It was named after George T. Morgan, who designed the coin.


A Morgan dollar contains 90 percent silver. The remaining 10 percent of the coin is copper. The total weight of the coin is 26.73 grams. As of 2015, the rounded value to the silver contained in a Morgan dollar is $12.48.


The mint mark on a Morgan silver dollar can be found on the eagle (back) side of the coin, just above the word "DOLLAR" written around the bottom edge. The coin may also have small letters located above the "D" and the "O," indicating the location of the mint.


Morgan dollar values vary widely, from around $25 to over $55,000 for an 1878 O Morgan, as of 2015. The coin's value depends on its condition as well as the year and location of its minting. Morgans are 90 percent pure silver with their melted value depending on metal prices.


An 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar is a U.S. coin that was minted in four locations: Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco and Carson City. As of August 2014, common varieties in good condition or better are worth anywhere from $26.70 to $34.58 per coin. Mint marks are located on the reverse of the coi


As of 2014, the minimum value for an 1885 Morgan silver dollar is $27.11, with coins in good condition valued at more than $400. Coins minted in Carson City fetch the highest value, followed by those from New Orleans, San Francisco and Philadelphia.


The 1893 S Morgan silver dollar was produced at the San Francisco facility of the U.S. Mint and is composed of 90 percent silver, for a total silver content of 0.77 troy ounces. The San Francisco mint produced only 100,000 1893 S Morgan silver dollars.


A Morgan silver dollar from 1879 is worth between $27.19 to $3,278, as listed in CoinStudy's 2014 price guide. The exact value of the coin depends on its condition and mint mark.


An 1878 S Morgan silver dollar is a $1 coin. It was minted by the U.S. mint in San Francisco in 1878. The U.S. Mint produced close to 9.77 million of these coins.


The Susan B. Anthony silver dollar coin has a diameter of 26.49 millimeters, or 1.043 inches. Golden dollar coins, such as the Native American and the Presidential dollar coins, have the same measurements as the silver dollar coin.