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Montana State Flower There are 3 major geographic features in Montana - the Bitterroot Mountains (running north-south and forming the divide between Idaho and Montana), the Bitterroot Valley, and the Bitterroot River (also running north-south, terminating in the Clark Fork River in the city of Missoula), all lending their names to this flower.


Official State Flower of Montana. Montana designated bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva) as the official state flower in 1895. All State Flowers. Bitterroot can be found during spring and summer, growing in the sagebrush plains and the foothills of the mountains in western and south central Montana.


Long before explorers Lewis and Clark wrote about the beautiful purplish-pink flower of the bitterroot, Native Americans were using its roots for food and trade. Tribes dug up the roots and dried them so they could be kept and used for months. The root was too bitter to eat unless it was cooked, and it was usually mixed with berries or meat.


That same year, in response to a national WCTU program, Mrs. Mary Long Alderson of Bozeman began efforts to secure legislative designation for the bitterroot as Montana's state flower. Mary Alderson was the heart of the state flower movement in Montana. In January of 1894, she formed and headed Montana's Floral Emblem Association.


The bitterroot had become a Montana icon long before it was voted the Montana State Flower however. In 1889, at the Montana Women's Christian Temperance Union meeting in Missoula, a "little blue flower that grows near the snow banks" was selected as the WCTU's official state flower. Two years later, that choice was changed and the bitterroot ...


Montana State Flower. Bitterroot was designated the official Montana State Flower in 1895. Montana was one of many states to adopt an official flower as part of the “National Garland of Flowers” at the World’s Fair in Chicago. Bitterroot grows in the sagebrush plains and foothills of the state’s western and south central mountains.


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The bitterroot was selected as the Montana state flower in 1895. Three major geographic features – the Bitterroot Mountains (running north-south and forming the divide between Idaho and Montana), the Bitterroot Valley, and the Bitterroot River (which flows south-north, terminating in the Clark Fork river in the city of Missoula) ...


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