The annual monsoon rains are vital for India because around 80 percent of the country's rainfall occurs during monsoon season. While the torrential rains can be a headache and cause flooding and other issues, they are vi... More » Science Weather & Tides Weather Seasons

Monsoons are seasonal shifts in winds where the land and ocean intersect. Monsoons usually bring higher than usual amounts of rainfall to an area and sometimes cause massive flooding. More » Science Earth Science

Monsoons are formed when the sun heats the atmosphere and causes variations in temperature between the oceans and land masses. At certain times of year, land heats faster than water in the oceans, and warmer air rises. M... More » Science Weather & Tides Weather Seasons
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The rainy season in Mauritius lasts from January to May, which includes part of the summer season. Winter lasts from July to the beginning of September, with monsoon weather absent between September and November. Cyclone... More » Science Weather & Tides Weather Seasons

The Northeast Monsoon is a season running from October to December in parts of India. It is a season with major rainfall activity in those areas. More » Science Weather & Tides Storms

The country of India is located in southeast Asia. It is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the southwest and the Bay of Bengal to the southeast. The southern tip of India is bordered by the Indian Ocean. More » Geography Asia South Asia

A monsoon is a wind system wherein the prevailing winds reverse in direction based on the season. A monsoon is traditionally defined by the change in the wind as well as the change in the precipitation that comes along w... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms