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The definition of a monopoly is the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade of a commodity or service by a single company or group. Basically, a monopoly is a company or group that owns all of one product.


Hasbro game company has created many versions of the board game Monopoly since the first edition in 1935. The original version uses street names from Atlantic City, N.J. as spaces around the board. Popular or well-known cities and locations have been used to create the ...


Most computers don't come with the ability to record video pre-installed. Fortunately, there are several free programs you can use to capture and record gameplay footage.


The central goal of Monopoly is to accumulate as much wealth as possible, mostly by purchasing territory and charging rent. Players can opt to play until one reaches a predetermined amount of money, until one goes bankrupt or until all but one goes bankrupt.


A natural monopoly occurs when a single company is the most efficient way to supply a good or service. In this situation, one large supplier has a cost advantage over any potential competitors.


People can play Monopoly online at Pogo.com. Users who want to compete against other people need to complete a simple registration. The website also offers a variety of online play for board games, including Scrabble, dominoes and chess.


The Monopoly game codes are present on each of the game pieces. With the codes on the game pieces, the player can either win free food items, use the game piece codes for properties, or use the code for playing the online version of the game. When playing the Monopoly g...