Spider monkeys survive in the rainforest by living in the canopy of the forest, where fruits and seeds are abundant and many predators cannot reach. They use their powerful, long limbs to swing from one tree to another a... More »

There are many different kinds of animals that live in the rainforest, including the toucan, spider monkey, macaw, boa constrictor, sloth, tree snail, morpho butterfly, poison-arrow frog and rhinoceros beetle. The most v... More »

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A monkey's specific habitat depends on whether it is an Old World or New World monkey. Old World monkeys can live in habitats that include rainforests, mountains and savannas in parts of the world that include Africa, In... More »

Spider monkeys are very agile creatures and avoid many dangers by spending their time in small groups in the forest canopy. If necessary, they sound an alarm to call a larger group together that is able to attack humans ... More »

Spider monkeys live in the upper canopy of the tropical rain forests in Central and South America. They live in the trees of regions with tropical climates and can sometimes be found in Mexico. More »

Spider crickets, also known as camel crickets or sprickets, are a species of cricket that is distinguished by their long hind legs, arched backs, thick bodies and mottled-brown coloring. There is also an invasive species... More »

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Spider mites are not harmful to humans. These mites, which are related to spiders and ticks, specifically feed and reproduce on plants, so the pests are not able to use humans for these purposes. More »