The MoneyGram exchange rate calculator, or estimator, calculates the exchange rate for different currencies in countries where MoneyGram provides services. Individuals may also select the box to subtract MoneyGram fees f... More »

Banks, currency traders, tourists, and others use exchange rate calculators to determine how much of one currency they can buy with another currency based on current market conditions. Exchange rate calculators are often... More »

Use a foreign exchange calculator for currency by entering the value and type of one currency and selecting the currency desired. Live currency converter systems search for the exact value of the currency in internationa... More »

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MoneyGram determines the conversion rate of currency by applying an exchange rate set by the company, as the company's website explains. MoneyGram indicates the applied exchange rate to its clients in both pre-transactio... More » provides a free historical exchange rate calculator at its website. Site visitors can convert the values of currencies, such as the U.S. dollar and Japanese yen; precious metals, such as gold and silver; and ob... More »

Rates and fees for MoneyGram vary depending on the country where the customer is sending funds, the transfer amount and the exchange rate. Same-day transfer fees start at $15 to $20 for express same-day transfers and $8 ... More »

Banks exchange currency by selling customers one type of currency in exchange for another, based on the exchange rate for those currencies. For instance, with a currency exchange rate from the American dollar to the Brit... More »