A person can transfer money by using money transfer companies, such as MoneyGram, iKobo, Paypal or Western Union, according to HowStuffWorks. Fees may be incurred for the transfer of funds. More »

Interested parties can send a JPay money transfer by using the Internet, making the transfer over the phone or visiting any MoneyGram agent location, according to instructions on the JPay website. In some cases, JPay als... More »

A money transfer exchange rate is the amount the currency of one country can be exchanged for in another country. In other words, it is the amount of one currency that can be bought using a given amount of a different cu... More »

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Some ways to send money to the United States from overseas include MoneyGram's money transfer service and Western Union money services, according to the company websites. Some banks, such as Bank of America, offer intern... More »

Some popular money transfer services as of 2015 include Western Union, PayPal and MoneyGram according to Tim Parker for Investopedia. The money transfer companies have a wide network and enable an individual to transfer ... More »

In order to transfer money online, visit a money transfer site, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Choose the country where the money is going, the amount, the ZIP Code where the money is coming from, how the money will... More »

Individuals can wire money in one hour or less by using MoneyGram or Western Union, according to the companies' websites. As of 2015, customers can send money either in person at participating locations or online through... More »