"Mom jeans" is the name given to the jeans commonly worn by mothers that fit very high up on the midsection and taper down the legs. Instead of hiding stomach sag and slimming the hips, as many moms wish them to do, "mom... More »

To measure your natural waistline, bend to one side to find the skin fold between the hip bone and rib cage, and then measure around the torso at that point. On some bodies, the natural waistline lines up with the belly ... More »

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Some tips for buying clothing for women over 50 include purchasing undergarments that fit and flatter, showing off shapely arms and shoulders, and keeping jewelry or hair accessories to a minimum. Some other tips include... More »

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To turn jeans into shorts, choose where you want to cut them, mark the front of the pants, pin the pant legs together, mark the back of the pants, and cut the jeans slowly. For a frayed look, use small scissors to remove... More »

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Boyfriend jeans are a denim style of jeans characterized by a loose fitting, slouchy cut. They're supposed to be akin to a man's jeans as if a girl grabbed her boyfriend's jeans and put them on. The relaxed fit is desig... More »

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Donate gently worn jeans to charity. Convert jeans with knee holes into shorts, or use interesting material to patch small holes. If the jeans are no longer suitable for repair, salvage the denim material for crafting or... More »

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The measurements of a pair of size nine long jeans in the U.S. are a 27-inch waist and a 36-inch hip. Size nine jeans do not have an equivalent letter sizing guide, such as S, M or L. More »