Molecular gastronomy is a culinary discipline that involves using scientific knowledge and chemical reactions to create food. It involves the utilization of centrifuges, liquid nitrogen, dehydrators, ultrasounds and othe... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Hoosier Hill Farm, Horizon, Trader Joe's, Organic Valley and Devon Cream Company are some brands of heavy cream. Hoosier Hill Farm and another brand, Molecular Gastronomy, even have powdered heavy cream. More » Food Food Facts

To use a feeding tube, insert the small tip of a food container into the feeding tube and slowly open the clamp on the feeding line, releasing food through a gastronomy tube at a regulated speed. When feeding is complete... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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MCPBA is a strong oxidizing agent used in several reactions including the oxidizing of aldehydes and ketones to esters, olefins to epoxides, sulfides to sulfoxides and sulfones and amines to nitroalkanes, nitroxides or N... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Alkaline earth metals, the elements in the second column of the periodic table, are the most likely elements to lose two electrons in chemical reactions. They include beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium and ... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

A standard hydrogen electrode is an electrode that is used as a reference for half-cell potential reactions. Scientists can use standard hydrogen electrodes to determine the basis for which they need to calculate standar... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

All chemical reactions have a conservation of mass. The law of conservation of mass states that atoms cannot be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. This discovery, made by Antoine Lavoisier in1789, is the basic... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules