A strophic form in music represents the repetition of a section of music where each repeat has the same basic melody, harmony and rhythm. In modified strophic form, the repeated sections of music have varied or elaborate... More »

Strophic form is a song format in which all verses are sung to the same melody and each verse repeats a refrain line. The format dates back to the earliest popular poems set to music and lends itself to storytelling and ... More »

Harmonic music is any music that makes use of harmony, which is any simultaneous combination of notes, especially when arranged in chords and intervals in a pleasing or interesting way. By comparison, nonharmonic music i... More »

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"Theme and variation" is a form of music in which the same theme or pattern returns in slightly different variations of the original. The theme is a pattern that is easily recognized and used to make the piece cohesive. ... More »

In music, form refers to the structure of the composition. It gives a description of the layout of a musical composition and how it is divided into sections. More »

Duple meter refers to a rhythm with two beats in each measure. The time signature can be divided by two, and the first beat of each measure is stressed. More »

Music of Myanmar, also known as Burmese music, relies on melody without harmony, is usually in 4/4, 2/4 time or 8/16 time, and is related to Chinese and Thai music. Since the instruments used in this music tradition empl... More »