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Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome or simply Modern Rome is a 1757 painting by Italian artist Giovanni Paolo Panini. The original painting shows the arrangement of paintings originally commissioned by Étienne François, Count of Stainville, later the Duke de Choiseul.


Modern Rome After the declaration of Rome as the Italian capital, the city underwent a feverish growth. The new status and the increase of the population called for to the construction of whole new quarters.


Modern day Rome has a dynamic and diverse economy with thriving technology, communications, and service sectors. The city is a center for banking as well as electronics and aerospace industries.


Modern art in modern Rome The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, known as MACRO , is spread over two locations in the city. One is located on Via Nizza and the other in Testaccio , in the urban edge of the city.


Rome was the first modern city to reach a population of 1 million by 50 BC! It wasn’t matched by any other European city until London finally over took it in the 19th Ct. 2.


Painted in 1756, they represented Ancient Rome (Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart) and Modern Rome (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), and were accompanied by two other canvases, Saint Peter’s Square (collection of the Duke of Sutherland) and The Interior of Saint Peter’s (Athenaeum, Boston).


Modern Rome - Campo Vaccino Joseph Mallord William Turner (British, 1775 - 1851) 91.8 × 122.6 cm (36 1/8 × 48 1/4 in.) 2011.6 Open Content images tend to be large in file-size.


Ancient Rome, Medieval Rome, Early modern Rome, Roman topography Roma aeterna - dynamic map A tool that allows you to consult (Dutch) articles on Rome via the map of Rome, on laptop, phone and tablet


Modern Rome is also crossed by another river, the Aniene, which flows into the Tiber north of the historic centre. Although the city centre is about 24 kilometres (15 mi) inland from the Tyrrhenian Sea, the city territory extends to the shore, where the south-western district of Ostia is located.


Here are 12 interesting facts about Rome. Modern Rome has 280 fountains and more than 900 churches. Nearly 700,000 euros worth of coins are tossed into Rome’s Trevi Fountain each year. The proceeds are donated to Caritas to help those in need. The Romans had built a road network of 53,000 miles by the early fourth century.