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Mobile home manufacturers work in large factories to construct homes in one or more sections for moving to a final location for setup. A construction team puts the home together without interference from the weather. The manufacturer works under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development g


Good brands of manufactured mobile homes include Clayton Homes, Champion Enterprises, and Fleetwood, according to Money-Zine. Clayton Homes was established in 1966. Its mobile homes are available for purchase throughout 30 states.


Mobile homes are living establishments that function as temporary or permanent homes; they differ from traditional homes in their mobility and in the materials with which they are built. Mobile homes now go by the name of manufactured homes, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Deve


Buying a mobile home is similar to buying a standard house, but it usually comes with lower down payments, lower property taxes and lower monthly payments. Buying a mobile home is done by obtaining a loan, the same as one would for a traditional home, according to Realtor.com.


Small manufactured homes are relatively simple one-floor homes that are built almost entirely in factories, being constructed on a chassis system with a steel frame, axles, springs and wheels. When the home is placed on its permanent site, the frame goes on top of the foundation.


The best manufactured home is a subjective judgment that varies from person-to-person based on location, budget, taste and other preferences, reports ModularHomeowners.com. Compare features of homes offered by different manufacturers to be assured of making the best decision possible.


The dominant player in the manufactured housing industry is Clayton Homes, which also owns two banks that provide customers with in-house financing, according to The Grissim Guides. Other well-known manufactured home builders include Express Modular, Blu Homes, Modular Direct, Champion Homes, Nation


To buy a new manufactured home, do some research, decide on how to finance the home, negotiate terms and fulfill legal requirements. Buying a new home is one of the most important purchases anyone can make in a lifetime, states Manufactured Housing Global Network.


The Silver Crest brand, manufactured by Champion Enterprises, is often viewed as the highest quality built home in the mobile home industry, according to Money-Zine.com. Champion Enterprises, one of the world's largest builder of manufactured homes, offers hundreds of floor plans and a wide range of


Free mobile homes are sometimes found online on online classified websites such as Craigslist. Click on Free Stuff under the For Sale category and search for mobile homes.