USGS publishes an up-to-date streamflow report for Missouri rivers on its official website. USGS is the United States Geological Survey authority. Its streamflow reports show gage height measurements taken at regular tim... More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources

The depth of the Missouri River is between 10 and 20 feet, depending on the specific area. It is the longest river in the United States and covers 2,540 miles. The Mississippi River is the second longest river in the Uni... More »

The Missouri River runs through the states of Missouri, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana and Kansas. It's typically considered the second longest river in the United States, although some geologists believ... More »

As of February 2015, Missouri children qualify for Medicaid by having a household income at 150 percent or less than the federal poverty level, according to the Medicaid website. Adults have to make 18 percent or less of... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Diagrams about the water cycle that are geared to children are provided on KidZone Science and the USGS website. Each site offers an informative diagram as well as a detailed explanation of how the water cycle works. More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources

Missouri's natural resources include lead, zinc, iron ore, dolomite, barite, limestone, copper, granite, marble, sandstone, soil for agricultural activities, and numerous lakes and rivers. Missouri produces 90 percent of... More »

The Missouri government site has a public record section allowing users to search records such as arrest reports, birth and death certificates, and marriage or divorce records. Visitors of the site can also search a busi... More »