In most states, disabled individuals apply for Medicaid using the Supplemental Security Income application submitted to the Social Security Administration. Other states require applicants to complete a different applicat... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Low-income Missourians can visit the Missouri Dental Association website for a list of dentists that may accept Medicaid payments. As of 2014, only children are eligible for Medicaid dental visits in Missouri, according ... More » Health Dental

Medicaid is a federal program that determines individuals' eligibility for services based on income as a percentage of the federal poverty level. The eligible income levels vary from state to state and change over time. ... More » Government & Politics Social Services
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People who receive Supplemental Security Income can obtain loans from financial institutions, relatives, friends and other individuals without risking the loss of their benefits because a loan is not income, reports the ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending Personal Loans

Most Americans need to contact the Social Security Administration directly to enroll in Medicare when they become eligible at 65. Others, including those receiving Social Security who retired early and those receiving So... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Medicare is available for individuals under the age of 65 who are disabled and receiving Social Security disability insurance payments, or who have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease or amyotrophic lateral scler... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Social Security offices enroll eligible individuals in Medicare, so it is possible to apply for Medicare either by phone, online at, or in person at a local Social Security office, reports the Social Security Adm... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance