A mission statement includes an organization's purpose, the activities of the organization and the core values and beliefs held by members of the organization. It conveys the culture and goals of the organization both to... More »

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To write a good mission statement, figure out the direction of the business, its purposes and goals, and what it offers that is unique to the market. Write a short statement between one to three sentences that summarizes... More »

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The main mission values for Dell are integrity and responsibility coupled in a business environment, according to Dell's Purpose and Values section on their website. Dell considers winning in a business environment impor... More »

A personal mission statement should include your past successes, core values, contributions and personal goals. Your personal mission statement should be simple, clear and brief. The best mission statements are not extre... More »

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Formal groups determine culture, codes of conduct and core values, and informal groups form more personal relationships that align with the mission statement. Informal encounters between employees help each understand th... More »

Some of the core beliefs or values that Shriners indicate as being central to their organization are brotherhood, family, leadership and philanthropy, or in their words, "giving back." Though various rumors of occultism ... More »

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Good examples of personal mission statements include Denise Morrison's mission statement to lead others and live a balanced life and Joel Manby's mission statement to love God and to love others, according to Fast Compan... More »