The modern mirror was invented in 1835 by German chemist Justus von Liebig. However, people have been using various polished stones and metals as mirrors for at least 8,000 years. More »

A concave mirror is spherical and curves like a spoon and the curved surface has an inner surface that acts as the reflecting surface. Convex mirrors have an outer surface as the reflecting surface. The properties and im... More »

A convex mirror is in the shape of a curve, and the reflecting surface bulges outward toward the source of light. Because convex mirrors reflect the light in an outward direction, they do not serve to focus light. Instea... More »

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The biggest inventions of 1994 were the CMOS image sensor and the first PlayStation games console. Other major inventions were the quantum cascade laser, the HIV protease inhibitor and the Segway. More »

Several products and procedures were invented in 1974. One example is the Post-It Note, which was created by American Arthur Fry. Since their invention, Post-It Notes have been sold in over 100 countries across the world... More »

In 1897, the pencil sharpener was invented by John Lee Love. He was issued a patent for it on Nov. 23, 1897. That style of pencil sharpener is still in use today in schools and offices around the world, according to Abou... More »

An English chemist, named Joseph Priestly, was the first to artificially produce carbonated water in 1767. John Mervin Nooth improved upon Priestly's process around the same time. The invention of soda is attributed to t... More »