Make a Zen garden by choosing a site, placing large rocks, planting plants, and adding sand or gravel. Add any extra elements such as lamps, fountains, statues, paths or ponds. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Landscaping

Growing a vegetable garden in a small space requires planning an efficient layout to use as much space as possible. Another important consideration is the type of crop to plant for the best yield, such as peas, lettuce o... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

When choosing the right mini garden fence, first determine the animals that need to be kept out of the garden. With that information, choose the appropriate type of fence. Choose the size of posts to be used depending on... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes
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River rocks, lava rocks, pea gravel, sonoma gold and crushed limestone can all function as decorations in a garden. Some types of rock are better suited to certain purposes than others. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Landscaping

Use river rocks and smooth boulders along with natural materials such as gravel and tall ornamental grasses in dry creek landscapes. Recommended non-natural materials in dry creek landscapes include landscaping fabric to... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Landscaping

The kind of stones and rocks that are used in landscaping include decomposed granite, pea gravel, river rock, crushed granite gravel, lava rock and flagstones. Each of these landscaping options offers a different aesthet... More »

A few inexpensive landscaping ideas include creating a meandering garden path using gravel or crushed rock, sprucing up a patio slab with a concrete stain or treatment, and using inexpensive shrubbery to define spaces. C... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Landscaping