Black bottom banana cream puffs and creamy turkey pot pies both use pastry shells. Both of these recipes make enough miniature pastries to serve six people. More » Food Cooking

The recipe for mini phyllo cups with shrimp salad on, and the recipe for petite cheesecake cups on are examples of easy recipes that feature mini phyllo shells. The use of store-bought min... More » Food Cooking and sell mini pie shells, otherwise called tart shells or mini tart shells. Clearbrook Farms, which manufactures these mini pie shells, also sells them at More »

Some turkey pot pie recipes are available from the websites of the Food Network and Pillsbury. Besides turkey and vegetables, you need a pre-made pie crust. More » Food Cooking

Some examples of good recipes for stuffed shells that use ground beef include Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells and Three-Cheese Beef Pasta Shells. Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells includes turkey sausage in addition ... More » Food Cooking

Dessert puff pastry recipes are popular, and one of the easiest to make is apple turnovers. Another great use of puff pastry is demonstrated in a recipe for chicken pot pie topped with puff pastry in a lattice design. Pu... More » Food Cooking

Meat pies can be created from a basic meat recipe, and then added to a pastry crust or topped with either a biscuit topping or mashed potatoes. A meat pie is typically an entire meal by itself though many cooks serve it ... More » Food Cooking