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The look of a serial number on an alto saxophone will depend on the company and year of manufacture. An example is the Balanced Action series from Selmer, which will have a serial number that looks like 22000 if manufactured in 1936.


Alto saxophone sheet music is available at 8Notes.com. This site offers 498 pieces of sheet music for alto saxophone, as of 2015. Music categories include classical, rock and pop, jazz, traditional and world. Each piece is listed with a difficulty level, title and artist.


To play the chromatic scale on the alto saxophone, players should choose a starting point and play each semitone until they have reached the same note one octave up. The chromatic scale is a scale that uses every semitone within a specific range, usually one octave.


There are four major types of saxophones: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. There are other rare types of saxophones out there, as well. These include the C Melody, F Mezzo Soprano, C Soprano, Bass, Conn-O-Sax and the F Baritone.


A saxophone produces a plaintive, nasal tone that is usually somewhere in between the piercing, nasal tone of the oboe and the warm, brighter sound of the clarinet. The alto and tenor saxophones are two of the most commonly used saxophones in modern times.


Saxophone brand names include Selmer, Yamaha, Conn, Buescher and Belmonte. Saxophones are also made by Antigua Winds, El Dorado, Olds Parisian, Jupiter and Grassi. These companies manufacture saxophones in a wide range of styles and prices.


Determine the value of a saxophone by comparing it with used saxophones on sale from various second-hand outlets or by consulting with a chart such as the one on SaxValue.org or Saxophone.org. Determine whether the saxophone is meant for student, intermediate or professional use and whether it is in


Saxophones produce sound by using the player's flow of air and creating an oscillating motion with the reed acting as an oscillating valve. The reed and the resonances that are present within the air inside of the instrument produces a vibrating and radiating sound out of the holes as well as the be


Popular brands of vintage saxophones include Selmer, Martin, Conn, Buescher and King. Each brand has particular models that are sought after; for example, Selmer's Mark VI and Balanced Action and King's Super 20.


The main difference between an alto sax and a tenor sax is that the alto sax is played in the key of E flat while the tenor sax is played in the key of B flat. While the sheet music for the alto sax doesn't look any different than the sheet music for the tenor sax, alto sax notes are higher than ten