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Find the lowest prices Mini Cooper aftermarket & OEM Electrical Connectors & Sockets. Check our parts available online or at our shops near you.


ProFLEX™ Mini Wire Connectors, Wire Combination Range: 600V* 22 to 12 AWG Min. 2 #22 – Max. 4 #12 Sol, Box of 100, Cat #: 30-343, Mfr: Ideal.


IDEAL Electrical 30-343 #22 to #12 AWG Model 343 Twister® ProFLEX™ Mini Wire Connectors (Orange/Blue, Box of 100) - at the Test Equipment Depot.


USB-B male connector on the end of a SparkFun Cerberus cable. USB-Mini Connectors. The USB-Mini connection was the first standard attempt to reduce the size of ...


Flat Pin Connector With Wire Lead - Priced Each. Common repair connector used throughtout your BMW. Brand: Genuine MINI - Corporate Logo. ES#: 4272188.


25 pack, blue miniature wire connector, 22 to 16 American wire gauge, copper wire only, polypropylene, square spring.


Miniature Gray Screw-on connectors are ideal for connecting small AWG wires together. These twist on connectors are used to connect two or more electrical wires ...


Twister® ProFLEX™ Mini wire connector. Swept wing design provides extra leverage for maximum torque. Wide range, expanding spring handles small combinations ...


JSG Electrical - ELEMINISPLITCONN/PK Mini-Split Cable Connectors Duckt-Strip Connector Packs include an indoor connector for the indoor air handler and an ...


Save your unused micro connectors to make custom connectors you might ... Camera - http://goo.gl/u30TkK Mobius Mini - http://goo.gl/L2oNNu ...


... Series, 1.2mm Pitch, Low Profile, Wire-to-Board Connectors for Power Supply DF58 series delivers a space-saving, low profile, Wire ...