Mineral oil is made from any oil-producing mineral source, which is typically (but not always) a petroleum product. Petroleum-based oils are also known as white oil, liquid petroleum and liquid paraffin. Mineral oil is f... More »

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WebMD advises individuals to take mineral oil orally as a laxative in accordance with a doctor's directions. For the sake of accuracy, it is best to use a special measuring device or spoon rather than a household spoon t... More »

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A mineral oil enema works as a lubricating laxative and provides relief from constipation, according to Drugs.com. It can also be used following other treatments, such as a barium enema, in order to cleanse the bowel fro... More »

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A petroleum landman is a person who acquires subsurface mineral rights for the purpose of exploring for oil and gas. A landman makes sure the company he works for ends up owning the minerals it finds underground. More »

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According to the American Petroleum Institute, oil or petroleum is a naturally occurring liquid derived from ancient fossilized organic matter. This fossil fuel is found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surfa... More »

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Hair grease is typically made of a combination of petroleum jelly, mineral oil and lanolin. It is used as a moisture sealant and is often used by people with natural hair. More »

Substances that store chemical energy are primarily fuels such as coal, wood, natural gas, petroleum and propane, as well as foods, batteries and matches. Encyclopædia Britannica defines chemical energy as energy stored ... More »