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Choosing the best heat transfer fluids for your liquid cooling system. ... aluminum is compatible with glycol/water solutions, dielectric fluids, and oils.


Ultra1Plus™ HTF-42 is a high performance heat transfer fluid formulated with severely hydro-treated, highly-refined, mineral oil base stocks.


They provide high thermal conductivity and also have high specific heat, which helps them efficiently transfer heat. Mineral oils are also used in multiple heat ...


Therminol XP Heat Transfer Fluid. Our Thermal Fluid Solutions Therminol XP heat transfer fluid is an extremely pure white mineral oil, specially designed for ...


MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions supports & services a variety of manufacturers using synthetic & mineral oil based heat transfer systems & fluids.


As with other mineral oils, Dana heat transfer oils should be used only in systems with forced circulation. Systems that depend on convection for ...


IMS PG-1 is a pharmaceutical/food additive grade mineral oil especially formulated to specifications for a wide range of high temperature heat transfer duties.


It is safe to handle and easy to dispose of. Typical Properties; Product Name: Paratherm NF; Chemical Name: Hydrotreated Mineral Oil; Appearance: Water White ...


When designing heat transfer systems, fluid temperature is the primary factor ... The drawback of using mineral oils as a heat transfer fluid in extremely ...


Mobiltherm heat transfer oils are formulated from highly refined base stocks that are resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. They are very ...


Marine heat transfer oil. SERIOLA 32 is a marine mineral oil based heat transfer fluid. It is recommended for the applications listed hereafter: