People can buy military surplus from online sellers, at military surplus stores and through auctions. Everything from personal property to office equipment to vehicles are available for purchase through military surplus. More » Government & Politics Military

Military surplus vehicles are excess equipment such as trucks, cranes, humvees and trailers no longer needed by the federal government. The Defense Logistics Agency's DLA Disposition Services transfers these vehicles to ... More » Government & Politics International Orgs

The fastest military helicopter is the Russian Mi-35M, in spite of its size. This military helicopter is capable of flying at speeds of up to 310km/h, although it typically cruises at 260km/h. More » Vehicles Airplanes & Helicopters
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Army or military surplus stores typically sell government-issued clothing, tools and equipment, including boots, knives, backpacks, jackets and canteens. Such stores typically purchase the unused or unwanted inventory fr... More » Government & Politics Military

Individuals and nongovernmental organizations can purchase surplus military equipment from government organized auctions. Official government websites, such as Military Surplus, hold most military-related auctions. Purch... More » Government & Politics Military

One can buy night vision goggles from most military surplus stores, as they are often targeted to entice civilians. Night vision goggles have many uses off the battlefield, including increased view for hunting and campin... More » Government & Politics Military

Army Navy online stores typically offer military surplus products, such as clothing, footwear, knives, bags and camping equipment, as of March 2015. Products vary based on the retailer. More » Government & Politics Military