Military personnel records become available in the public domain 62 years after a military service member’s discharge, retirement or death. A veteran can access his own records, and the next of kin of a veteran can reque... More » Government & Politics Military

Navigate to the Veterans Service Records page of the National Archives website where you can submit a request for free DD-214 paperwork either online, by mail or by fax, as of December 2015. Request the DD-241 online usi... More » Government & Politics Military

Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased veterans can request personnel records, including separation documents, from the National Archives. Requests can be made by mail, fax or online using the eVetRecs system. More » Government & Politics Military
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A general discharge from the military means that a service member’s completion of military service was less than honorable. Illness, injury or unacceptable behavior, such as drug abuse, may lead to a general discharge. More » Government & Politics Military

MilConnect DMDC is a Web application of the Defense Manpower Data Center providing sponsors and their families with access to their personnel records, health care eligibility and other information. Eligible parties can s... More » Government & Politics Military

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service provides retired military personnel with retirement pay, disability entitlements and survivor benefits. The DFAS also helps retirees plan for and manage their benefits. More » Government & Politics Military

Military titles vary according to the branch of service, but they all share the same rank groupings or designations: E-1 to E-9 for enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers, W-1 to W-5 for warrant officers, and O... More » Government & Politics Military