Veterans discharged in 1954 and later can print copies of military discharge records from the website. Next of kin of deceased veterans or veterans discharged before 1954 can order copies from the Nation... More » Government & Politics Military

Navigate to the Veterans Service Records page of the National Archives website where you can submit a request for free DD-214 paperwork either online, by mail or by fax, as of December 2015. Request the DD-241 online usi... More » Government & Politics Military

Anyone wishing to obtain proof of military service must complete and submit the required forms available through the U.S. National Archives at Forms may be submitted via mail or through fax. Discharge paper... More » Government & Politics Military
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To access open military records, visit the Library and Archives Canada official website and search the online database in the Military Heritage section. All records prior to 1918 and records for soldiers who died during ... More » Government & Politics Military

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs considers any person who served on active duty in the military and who was discharged under any circumstances other than a dishonorable discharge to be a veteran for the p... More » Government & Politics Military

A DD Form 214 is a report of separation that the U.S. Defense Department issues to veterans specifying the manner of their discharge, reports Veterans and their next of kin are able to obtain DD Forms 214 by s... More » Government & Politics Military

An individual who engaged in active military duty and released under a condition apart from a dishonorable discharge is entitled to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, or VA, health-related benefits. Enliste... More » Government & Politics Military