To calculate military retirement pay, consider tenure, then apply the retired pay base and retired pay multiplier to arrive at the total compensation package. Whether an individual was involved in active duty impacts how... More » Government & Politics Military

People who qualify for Defense Finance and Accounting Services military retirement pay include people who served on active duty in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines for 20 years or more along with people... More »

Military retirement pay is generally computed based on either the length of service or a degree of disability, states If a person is retired because of a disability, he may elect to have his pay computed by... More » Government & Politics Military

Retirement plans for the Air Force determine monthly pay by multiplying the person's retired pay base by his service percentage multiplier, as of 2015. The retired pay base is based on the person's basic pay. More » Government & Politics Military

Defense Force Accounting Services retirement pay is calculated by multiplying the retiree's base pay by the service multiplier. The service multiplier is calculated by multiplying the time the retiree served by 2.5 perce... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

A minimum of 20 years of service is generally required to receive military retirement pay. The earliest a person can retire from active duty is at 37 years old. An enlisted member who becomes incapacitated while doing fu... More »

Military retirement pay depends on several factors: the length of a soldier's service, his disability percentage, the year he entered service and his retirement type. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service and U.S. M... More » Government & Politics Military