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Military pay tables are broken down into three secondary tables for the pay of enlisted, warrant officer and officer levels of service, according to Military Rates. The tables then break down pay scale by years of service and pay grade, which is tied to military rank.


Locality pay tables listthe current salary rates forcivilian government employees based on their worklocation and pay grade, according to the United States Office of Personnel Management. Locality pay is determined by an annual survey of comparable salaries in the local...


Military retirement pay tables are based on the number of years of service in the military and the service member's salary. Disability compensation tables are based on the service member's disability percentage and number of dependents. The disability compensation table...


A military time conversion table demonstrates how to translate the civilian 12-hour clock into the military 24-hour clock. Typically, these conversion tables are laid out with the traditional "o'clock" hour names on one side and the corresponding military "hundred hour"...


Some jobs that pay partially or completely under the table include bartender, waiter or waitress, valet and stripper. Other jobs that pay under the table are day laborer, handyman, housekeeper, gardener or landscaper and painter. In addition, musicians, babysitters, mov...


Military pay charts are organized by the years of service and pay grade. The amount of actual pay is located in the cell between Years of Service and Pay Grade in the table, according to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.


Pay scales for United States military members are available from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, an official U.S. Government website. The pay charts are in PDF format and are available for download or view in programs such as Adobe Reader.