Basic information about U.S. military pay grades is available from each specific branch of military, including qualifications for each grade. Comprehensive charts dating back to 1945 are available from the Defense Financ... More » Government & Politics Military

Military pay charts are organized by the years of service and pay grade. The amount of actual pay is located in the cell between Years of Service and Pay Grade in the table, according to the Office of the Under Secretary... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

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Each branch of the U.S. military uses the same grade system for classifying servicemembers, though the names and titles in use vary according to branch. Enlisted ranks are designated with an "E," followed by the grade, e... More » Government & Politics Military

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A U.S. Army pay chart is a detailed listing of the basic and drill pay wages for all pay grades of the United States Army. This chart is published by the Department of Defense and lists the pay of the three major grades:... More » Government & Politics Military

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, enlisted sailors in the U.S. Navy are referred to by the term "rate," rather than "rank," based on their pay grades E-1 to E-9. Enlisted sailor rates range from Seaman Recruit... More »