Several websites calculate or list the distance between cities both on the ground, for driving purposes, and in the air, for flying purposes. As of 2015, at least two websites calculate the distance between any two citie... More » offers a distance chart that shows the distance between two cities and an online tool that calculates the distance and shows the route on a map, along with step-by-step directions. DistanceCalculator.glob... More » Geography

To find the distance between two cities, visit, or, and enter the city names or ZIP codes in the boxes on the home page. Each site calculates the dr... More » Geography

The driving distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is about 92 miles, while the air distance between the two cities is just slightly over 80 miles. There are 70 nautical miles between them. More »

As of 2015, to find the distance to a location in air miles, visit the website. On the left side of the page under the header marked Travel, click on the button titled Mileage Calculator. Enter the departure... More » Geography

Book a vacation using air miles by calling or visiting the websites of participating airlines, such as Delta Airlines and American Airlines. These websites also allow qualifying members to utilize points for certain aspe... More » Geography

Travelers can redeem their air miles for travel on the websites of the airlines with which they have accumulated points. Delta, United and American Airlines enable travelers to enter air mile points when they book their ... More » Geography