Milan is famous for being a center of art, music and education since antiquity and as a center of fashion in modern times. Milan is in the north of Italy in a region called Lombardy and is also a showcase for the region'... More »

The climate of Italy ranges from cold winters and hot summers in the north, to mild winters and long, hot summers in the south. Central Italy is milder, with a smaller difference between summer and winter temperatures. More » Geography Europe Italy

The United Nations' nomenclature of Territorial units for statistics divides Italy into the macro-regions of North-West, North-East, Central, Southern and Islands. Italy's provincial regions all fall within these macro-r... More » Geography Europe Italy

Some of the most common reasons why people from all parts of the world travel to Italy are to experience its rich culture, cuisine, art, history and fashion. Considered the birthplace of Western culture, the country hous... More »

The city of Venice in northeast Italy is famous for its art and architecture, as well as the series of canals separating the 118 small islands on which it was built in the fifth century. Even the smallest building in Ven... More »

Italy's major cities in terms of population are Rome, which had 3.3 million residents as of 2011, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Bergamo. In 2011, the second most populous city, Milan, had a population of nearly 3 mil... More »

The best places to buy panettone in Italy are Basilicata at Pasticceria Tiri, Campania at Pasticceria Pepe, Lombardy at Pasticceria Merlo, Puglia at Pasticceria Natale and in Milan, where this sweet bread originates. Swi... More »