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Club volleyball tryouts are generally an exercise for players and coaches to see if prospective players are a good fit for the team, and these tryouts include practicing skills to demonstrate mastery and involve team exercises, such as drills, to show compatibility. At volleyball tryouts, players ar


To conduct a volleyball tryout, follow a tryout plan, determine the right type of players for the team, test the six primary volleyball skills, and have each player wear identification. The best method for tryouts vary depending on the skill and age level of the players.


Participants at a volleyball tryout evaluation can expect to be judged and scored based on overall attitude while interacting with the team, athletic ability to perform on the court and skills related to a particular position during practice games at tryouts. Judges are also seeking athletes who com


There is dispute over whether the ball used in the first volleyball game was a basketball or a basketball's inner air bladder. Basketballs at the time (1895) were made of leather, while basketball bladders were made of cloth. The first ball manufactured for use in volleyball was made of leather.


The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. At the time, it was called mintonette and was created to combine the best aspects of handball, basketball, tennis and baseball.


To set a volleyball, form a triangle shape with your forefingers and thumbs, and keep the volleyball in the air using the strength of your hands, arms and legs. You may only use your fingertips to make contact with the volleyball, however.


Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan, a YMCA instructor in Holyoke, Mass. According to Volleyball.org, Morgan combined elements of basketball, tennis, baseball and handball to create a new sport that was originally called "mintonette."


Regulation volleyballs typically weigh 10 ounces. However, there are different types of materials along with a variety of volleyball types, which may cause volleyballs to weigh slightly more or less than the typical weight.


Beginning with the most basic of rules, each team is allowed six players on the court at one time. Three of these players are designated front row players and three are confined to the back row. Each team is allowed three hits to return the ball over the net.


To hit a volleyball, make sure your hands and legs are in the appropriate position before bumping the ball with your arms. There are five types of hits in volleyball: the bump, set, serve, spike and dig.