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School worksheets are educational tools that allow a student to practice the different concepts of various subjects. School worksheets are also an excellent resource for teachers and parents to give a student in order to gauge how well the student understands a particul...


English worksheets at websites such as SchoolFamily.com, K12Reader.com, EnglishForEveryone.org and ASU.edu are free and include resources for middle-school students. Worksheets specific to teaching English as a second language are available at UsingEnglish.com.


Depending on who made the worksheet, there are various ways to find the answers to high school worksheets. For worksheets found on Education.com, the answer key to the worksheet can be found on the last page of the downloaded worksheet.


Worksheets designed to accompany Scholastic's StudyJam science media are commonly available for download at TeachersPayTeachers.com. Signing up for a membership on this website is free but the worksheets may need to be purchased.


Some ideas for middle school science projects include finding out what plants grow in which soil pH level and discovering the electrical conductivity of certain soil types, says Live Science. Other science projects include discovering natural water filters and the most ...


A collection of middle school level science articles such as stories on climate change and robotics can be found on DOGONews.com and SocietyForScience.org. Another good resource for middle school science articles is TweenTribune.com, which contains pieces such as "What’...


Examples of good projects for a middle school science fair include descriptive projects such as researched reports about global climate change, experimentation projects such as "What is the effect of caffeine on plant growth?" or engineering projects such as building a ...