Popular middle names for girls are Ann, Ashton, Marie, Bree and Catherine, as of 2015. Popular female middle names are often chosen to create a pleasant syllabic flow and rhythm between the first and last names. More » Education

The most popular baby girl's name in 2014 was Sophia, followed by Emma, Olivia, Ava and Isabella. Skyler was the girl's name that jumped the most spots in terms of popularity, while Sophie became significantly less popul... More » Education

Examples of popular baby girl names include Sophia, Evelyn and Lily, as of 2015. Other popular names for baby girls are Grace, Aubrey, Claire, Kennedy and Stella, according to the Social Security Administration's list of... More » Education
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According to, popular saint names for girls include Agatha, Barbara, Bernadette, Brigid, and Catherine. Other names include Cecilia, Clare, Felicity, Juliana and Lucy, as well as Macrina, Martha, Monica, Nata... More » Education

The 2014 list of unique baby names includes such names as Ava, Mia, Aria, Aaliyah, Callie and Cadence for girls. Liam, Caden, Jayce, Dominic, Sebastian and Xander are some unique baby names for boys as of 2014. More » Education

The names at the bottom of the U.S. Social Security Administration's Top 1,000 in 2009 were Trevin for boys and Lilyanna for girls. In 2008, the least popular names on the list were Damari for boys and Elianna for girls. More » Education

Some baby names popular in the United States in 2014 that can be of Spanish origin are Olivia, Sofia, Camila and Eva for girls and Angel, Jose, Juan and Luis for boys. All were among the Social Security Administration's ... More » Education