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The Southern Colonies were known for its large plantations, which meant that agriculture drove their economy. The Middle Colonies shared the fertile land of the Southern Colonies and many large fields of wheat could be found and they shared the industry of timber and fishing.


Middle Colonies - Economic Activity & Trade There were considerable differences between the New England, Middle and Southern regions. Economic activities and trade were dependant of the environment in which the Colonists lived. The geography and climate impacted the trade and economic activities of Middle Colonies.


The affect that geography had on the economy of the middle Colonies was to help the economy. Farming was the main source of the economy and the fertile soil, and natural resources aided the Middle ...


This page describes the land, economy, culture, and religions of the Mid-Atlantic (Middle) Colonies


The Middle Colonies had much fertile soil, which allowed the area to become a major exporter of wheat and other grains. The lumber and shipbuilding industries were also successful in the Middle Colonies because of the abundant forests, and Pennsylvania was moderately successful in the textile and iron industries.


The Middle Colonies were literally a middle ground between its borders to the North and South, wherein elements of both New England towns and sprawling country estates were manifested, and religious dissidents from all regions could settle in the relatively tolerant middle zone. Economy in the Middle Colonies


Southern Colonies. The Southern Colonies provides important information and interesting facts about each of the 13 Colonies including the date the colony was established, the region (New England, Middle or Southern) the systems of Colonial government, religion, details of trade and economic activity and the names of famous people associated with the founding and establishment each colony.


The middle colonies based their economy on the planting of wheat, and trade. A lot of areas were great for ports. Meaning, that the middle colonies conducted trade between the New England and ...


Middle Colonies: Social Life In big Cities like Philadelphia & NYC, people attended dances, plays, social clubs, concerts. horse races, ice skating, and sleigh rides. In rural areas people would help with barn raising. 100's of people would help build a barn for their community.


The middle colonies included Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. Advantaged by their central location, the middle colonies served as important distribution centers in the English mercantile system. New York and Philadelphia grew at a fantastic rate. These cities gave rise to brilliant ...