One definition of middle class income is making in the middle one-fifth of the nation's income ladder. Another definition is making less than the top 20 percent of the country and more than the bottom 20 percent of the c... More »

The middle class income range is from 67 percent to 200 percent of a state's median income, per Pew Charitable Trust's definition. Maryland has the highest median income at $72,483 as of 2013, putting the middle class in... More »

In the United States, the range of incomes that define the middle class is variable but generally centers on the national median income of $50,054 per year. The Census Bureau has defined middle-class incomes as falling b... More » World View Social Sciences

A sovereign nation is one that is independent and has supreme authority or power over itself. The United States is a sovereign nation, declaring itself to be so when, in the Declaration of Independence, the forefathers w... More »

One definition of "economy" is the management of a nation's, state's or community's resources, especially in regard to money. A similar and somewhat intertwined definition is the prosperity of such a place. More » Education

Social class was key in the development of 19th-century America due to the establishment of the middle class and prominence of the racial divide. Land was made available to all free men who would claim it, and the Civil ... More »

Based on U.S. Census data collated for 2012, Robert Reich has defined being middle class as earning around $25,500 to $76,500 in income, according to U.S. News and World Report. Reich was the Secretary of Labor from 1993... More »