Microvilli play an important role in the absorption and secretion functions of cells, according to the HyperPhysics resource of the Georgia State University website. The microvilli's role is in effectively increasing the... More »

A human cell is a tiny container of chemicals, making it the basic building block of all human life. There are trillions of cells in a human being, and they determine the structure and function of each person. More »

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Human beings need cells because they are the building blocks for all living structures. While the human body produces a wide variety of cell types, collectively, they are how the human body builds everything from skin to... More »

The functions of the hypothalamus include the secretion of neurohormones, often termed as hypothalamic-releasing hormones, such as growth-releasing hormones and dopamine hormones. These hypothalamic-releasing hormones st... More »

The five functions of the skin are protection, regulation of heat, secretion, excretion and absorption, according to Skin Genetix. There are two sections of the skin, the epidermis and the dermis, each of which aids in t... More »

The cerebrum plays a role in many of the body's major functions, including determining personality and intelligence, understanding and producing language, interpreting sensory input, organizing, planning and overseeing m... More »

Neuroscientists suggest that the brain is always firing or using its cells, the neurons, to perform functions. Over the course of a normal day, most people use all of their brain capacity. Previous myths stated that huma... More »