Microsoft Word documents are the most widely used word processing documents. They are commonly used for homework assignments, letters, advertisements, brochures and various learning activities. These documents are create... More » Technology Software

To insert the copyright symbol into a Microsoft Word document, the user needs to click on "insert" and select "symbols" to find the copyright symbol and insert it into the document. Another way to add a copyright symbol ... More » Technology Software

Use an optical character recognition, or OCR, program to turn scanned images of text into editable content for Microsoft Word. The appropriate method for doing so varies from one version of Microsoft Word to the next. More »

Find the character count of a document by clicking on the word count button on the status bar at the bottom of the page. The word count button will display a text box in the middle of the document stating the character c... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Office SharePoint allows you to manage, create and share documents and Web services with colleagues. With the program, you can create SharePoint Portals, such as workspaces, blogs, instructional wikis, applicat... More » Technology Software

SharePoint gives businesses a place to back up and store documents in once place. The files are in a central secured location accessible by everyone who has permission to view or edit the documents. More » Technology Software

Computer fax and scan software functions by converting paper documents to a digital format and then transmitting the document through a fax modem or sending the document to an online service that converts the file into a... More » Technology Software