To create a PowerPoint presentation, you must purchase the PowerPoint program from Microsoft or have access to a computer with the program. Click Create New Presentation on the toolbar to begin creating a presentation. More » Business & Finance Business Resources

To make a PowerPoint presentation online, log in to a valid Microsoft account, open PowerPoint Online and create a new blank presentation file. Use the same techniques used to create a traditional PowerPoint presentation... More » Technology Software

To convert a document to a PowerPoint presentation, open it in Microsoft Word 2007 or a later edition, edit the headings of the file using the Style functionality, and save it as a PPT or PPTX file in Microsoft PowerPoin... More » Technology Software

The first step for a teacher making a PowerPoint for his school is to obtain access to the PowerPoint program. After opening the program, click on the two boxes within the blank page to add a title and subtitle to your p... More » Education Homework Help

PowerPoint is a software program developed by Microsoft that facilitates the creation of slide show presentations and is part of the Microsoft Office program suite. Presentations created on PowerPoint are typically used ... More »

Powerpoint is a good program to use for a presentation because it allows the listeners to have a visual of the subjects the speaker is talking about. It also gives the speaker a reference point for the subjects that make... More »

A presentation package is a software program that provides the resources necessary to give a professional presentation for meetings, lectures, speeches or other similar situations. Displays often include slideshows, and ... More »