Microsoft Paint is a built-in feature in Windows 7 operating system. This basic computer-graphics program enables users to draw on a blank canvas, resize images or modify existing pictures with the aid of simple editing ... More » Technology Software

MS Paint can be installed onto a computer running Windows by using the installation CD that should have come with the computer. The exact sequence of steps depends on the version of Windows being used. For example, MS Pa... More » Technology Software

To crop an image using Microsoft Paint on Windows 7, first open the image in the application. On the Home tab under the Image group, click on Select. Click and drag the mouse pointer over the area of the image you want t... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help
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Windows Media Player 12 is included with the Windows 7 operating system, as of 2015, but those without it can reinstall the player through the Control Panel. Windows users with the Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Ul... More » Technology Software

Windows 7, like previous versions of the operating system, comes with a built-in troubleshooting and help utility. Should this not be sufficient, users can access the Microsoft website to look up specific Windows 7-relat... More » Technology Software

Sticky Notes for Windows 7, is an application included in Windows 7 operating system that allows a user to take notes and pin them to the desktop. The notes have a similar look to that of paper sticky notes, except that ... More » Technology Software

Chkdsk for Windows 7 is a Microsoft disk checking utility bundled with the operating system. It verifies the integrity of a volume and repairs errors when they are found. Chkdsk is run via the console and does not have a... More » Technology Software