Microsoft Office is a software suite composed of applications useful in the office, workplace or school. These applications include Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more. More » Technology Software

Microsoft's Office support website hosts tutorials that help users learn about different Microsoft Word features and how to perform specific tasks. As of 2015, the courses cover the 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of Word. ... More » Technology Software

People can use Microsoft PowerPoint online for free at Office Online allows users to create and share Microsoft Office documents, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote. The website automatically ... More » Technology Software

Some features of Microsoft Office 2010 include real-time collaboration, enhanced security settings and the consistent use of the ribbon interface across all applications. In addition, the productivity suite offers new ed... More » Technology Software

To install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, close all open applications, and insert the installation DVD into the disk drive. If you downloaded the product, double-click on the Setup icon located on your Desktop. Double-cl... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Works is essentially a stripped-down version of Microsoft Office featuring word processing, database, calendar, and spreadsheet applications. Microsoft Works is designed for home and small office users who do n... More » Technology Software

As Microsoft has discontinued Microsoft Office 2007, free trials of the software suite are no longer available. However, users can try the newest version of Microsoft Office, the Office 365, for free. More » Technology Software