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Microsoft provides free training for its Excel software at Office Training Center. The training center has courses for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. A Microsoft account is not required to access the training content.


Sign up for instructor-led certification training and schedule Microsoft certification exams via the Microsoft Learning website. Microsoft certification courses typically consist of optional training lessons followed by a compulsory examination. Both of these stages often incur a significant fee, an


To create certificates in Microsoft Word, launch Microsoft Word and click "New" to open the template selector. View the different styles available to get an idea of what you want. Choose a style and download it. The certificate opens in Microsoft Word. Review the certificate and make any necessary c


Uses for Microsoft Excel include analyzing data, managing record data, identifying trends, building charts and forms, and budgeting. Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application for storing, organizing and manipulating data and is made by Microsoft for Mac and Windows users.


The basics of using Microsoft Excel 2013 include knowing how to create a new workbook, how to enter data in worksheet cells, how to create simple formulas and how to use the AutoSum function. Additionally, the basics include the application of different number formats and modifying data in a table.


Information about Microsoft certification tests is available from the websites for Microsoft Corporation, ProProfs, Certiport, Pearson Vue and About.com. This information varies from site to site and covers test descriptions, registration and cost.


Online training certification is available from a number of online schools and educational programs, such as Ed2Go, Kaplan University, the University of Phoenix, eCornell and Drexel University Online. Some online certification programs are available directly from a college or university, though Ed2G


Accounting, marketing and management consultant firms commonly rely on Microsoft Excel to perform functions related to their industry of expertise, says Brad Zomick of SkilledUp. Investment banking and business intelligence analysts also use the program to amalgamate and scrutinize data. Microsoft E


Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel by utilizing free lessons from some online tutorial sites, such as GCFLearnFree.org, Excel-Easy.com and ExcelCentral.com. These self-paced tutorial sites use still images and interactive materials to teach the basics of Excel to users with no previous knowledge of


Microsoft Excel is important because it is the basic spreadsheet program used in Windows, which means a large number of computers in the world use it. This also means that a lot of businesses use it for payroll.