Microsoft Dynamic Link Library repair is software that provides an automatic fix for all types of DLL file errors. A DLL file is a library of shared files that allows programs to run at the same time, through the linking... More » Technology Software

The Microsoft IE Repair Tool is a browser utility developed by Microsoft to assist Windows users with diagnosing and repairing problems that may be affecting the Internet Explorer Web browser. The tool addresses problems... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Windows users can repair Microsoft Word 2010 or any other malfunctioning software through the control panel. To repair a program, open the Start menu, and access the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, select Programs... More »

Enter a command with the DLL name in the Command Prompt to register a DLL file. You need a Windows 7 or 8 computer and a DLL file to get started. More » Technology Software

DLL archives are collections of DLL, or Dynamic Link Library, files that are standard computer files that cannot be used directly and cannot run on their own. They are responsible for numerous vital functions of executab... More » Technology Software

DLL files are compiled libraries or drivers that store executable data or program data for main programs to load, but users can see what binary data they contain using a hex editor. However, the structure of DLL files me... More » Technology Software

A Dynamic Link Library is a collection of executable code that can be used by multiple programs at the same time. DLLs are used to make programs modular, making the program easier to run and upgrade. More » Technology Software