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Land contracts help homebuyers who don't qualify for traditional home financing. Under a land contract, the buyer makes installment payments directly to the seller who finances the purchase instead of a bank or mortgage company. Land contracts are allowed in Michigan, and specific laws regarding purchase and default apply.


The mortgage secures the note. Land contracts describe the terms and conditions of ownership and how title will pass upon fulfillment of the contract. Land Contract Forms. Michigan Land Contract; Land Contract Statement Payoff or Assumption – Michigan; Option to Purchase with Lease Agreement – Michigan; Forfeiture Notice Land Contract ...


Our Michigan land contract lawyers at Grewal Law PLLC can handle all aspects of drawing up your land contract, including the recording of all the proper paperwork with Register of Deeds in Ingham County and the surrounding municipalities. Mick Grewal, a licensed real estate broker, is a member of the Grewal Law PLLC team who can help with the ...


Statutes and court rules associated with land contract forfeiture proceedings are: MCL 600.5701 et seq., MCL 554.301 and 554.302, and MCR 4.202.Some useful general information about land contracts is available from the Legal Services of Northern Michigan website.


Land contracts offer prospective Michigan home buyers a chance to acquire a home of their own without some of the significant financial burden of a traditional sale. Find out more about this unique ownership arrangement inside.


A land contract in Michigan consists of an agreement between two parties concerning the purchase of property. The purchase price is commonly paid in installments until satisfied. A land contract will often refer to the seller as the vendor and to the buyer as the vendee.


A land contract is a legal document that finances and transfers real property from one person to another at the same time. In a typical real estate transaction, the Buyer takes out a mortgage from a bank, and the Buyer pays the Seller in full at closing.


Forfeiture vs. foreclosure of land contracts in Michigan? 5 things to consider. When a buyer defaults on a land contract, the seller can generally pursue one of two legal remedies: forfeiture or foreclosure. Both remedies have advantages and disadvantages.


10. SELLER TO PERFORM PRIOR LAND CONTRACT. If, at the time this Contract is executed, the Seller is purchasing the Premises on a land contract, the Seller covenants and agrees to meet all obligations of that contract as they mature and produce evidence thereof to the Buyers on demand.


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