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An autobiography is the story describing a person's life that is told by the individual himself. Sometimes, an autobiography can be written with the help of a co-author, as long as the story remains in first-person.


Michael Jordan is widely regarded as one of the best professional basketball players. Among his other accomplishments, he won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and set the league record by winning 10 titles. He also won five league MVP awards for the regular season and six for the postseason.


Michael Jordan, the former NBA star, has homes in Florida and North Carolina. He has become a bit of a real estate tycoon since retiring, buying up mostly foreclosed homes.


Businesses owned by basketball icon Michael Jordan include seven restaurants, a car dealership and an 80 percent stake of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats. The superstar earned more than $90 million in 2013 through his business ventures and endorsements, boasting a net worth of about $750 million.


The best way to start an autobiography is to compile lists of accomplishments and important events in the writer's life. Once the lists are compiled, the writer has two jobs. First, he must compile documentation for official events, like births, marriages and educational achievements, to ensure his


To write an autobiography, compile the facts about the writer's life in chronological details. Professional biographer Stefani Twyford recommends selecting important events that alter or define the personality, and organize the story around them to give readers insight into the unique subject of the


To write a good autobiography, start by reading several autobiographies that are considered to be well-written. Try to find works that are written in different styles, as this is going to help you to have a better understanding of how you want to write your biography. Some good examples include auto


James Arness’ autobiography was published on April 3, 2008, by McFarland & Company, Inc. It was co-written with James E. Wise, Jr., and it recounts Arness’ life from his childhood, his military service and up to his career as a film and television actor.


Michael Jordan doesn't have a Twitter account, which would be the easiest way to get in touch with him, but his publicity address is Jump Inc., 676 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 293, Chicago, IL 60611. This address is directly associated with his work with the Chicago Bulls.


Michael Jordan changed the world by winning six national NBA championships with his team and by serving as an inspirational speaker. In 2014, he continues to remain active in the sport, despite retiring in 2003.