The Mexican economy is characterized by widespread poverty, a burgeoning manufacturing sector, a large informal economy and the presence of myriad microbusinesses. Mexico is a large exporter that has free trade agreement... More » Geography Mexico

A closed economy refers to an economic system which does not have business relations with any economies outside its own system. Closed economies employ barriers to the trade of goods and services, monies and intellectual... More »

The average disposable income in Mexico, after net adjustment, is $12,850 per year, with around 61 percent of people aged 15 to 64 in paid employment. Compared to many other countries such as the United States, which has... More »

Mexico is located in the Western Hemisphere. It is a country that is part of the North American continent. More »

Mexico is most known for its various exported goods, such as produce, electronic equipment and precious stones. Also, it's a popular tourist destination, with numerous historical sites and beautiful natural landscapes. M... More » Geography Mexico

The climate of Mexico depends on the region, largely varying between hot and dry, hot and humid and areas with heavy rainfall. In the northern regions and regions at high altitude, freezing winter temperatures and snow-c... More »

Mexico is located on the continent of North America. It is bordered by the United States on the north, the Gulf of Mexico on the east, the North Pacific Ocean on the west and Guatemala and Belize on the south. More »