The Pokemon card "Ancient Mew" has 30 hit points. The card was given out in 2000 as a promotional item with the purchase of tickets to the theatrical run of the Pokemon movie "The Power of One." More » Hobbies & Games Pokemon

Mew cannot be caught in "Pokémon Ruby." There is one game in Generation III that Mew can be captured in, however, and that's "Pokémon Emerald." You'll need a copy of that game to catch him, and you can then transfer him ... More » Hobbies & Games Pokemon

The Legendary Pokemon Mew is an event-only Pokemon that was obtainable via Nintendo promotional events. Gamers in the United States were able to catch Mew for FireRed by attending the Nintendo event at Toys 'R' Us on Sep... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Adventure Games
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A "Shiny Mew" in Pokémon is a rare alternate color version of Mew. While a normal Mew is pink in color, its shiny variant is colored a light blue. Shiny Pokémon first appear in the Generation II versions of the game that... More » Hobbies & Games Pokemon

Mew does not appear anywhere in the wild in "Pokémon Leaf Green," meaning it is impossible to catch him. It is possible to obtain a Mew through certain other methods. The best way is to use either an Action Replay or a G... More » Hobbies & Games Pokemon

The Pokémon card with the highest amount of HP, or hit points, is M-Venusaur-EX, which is Venusaur in its Mega Evolution state. This card has an HP value of 230. More » Hobbies & Games Pokemon

To determine the value of a specific Pokemon card, identify the card and then look up the card online, either through a Pokemon card retailer or a site with private party sellers. Pokemon card retailers include TrollAndT... More » Hobbies & Games Pokemon