The Metropolitan Museum of Art does not have an online artist index, but it does have a database of its collection with search capabilities. The database provides many types of information, including the artist's name, a... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

The Ringling Museum of Art offers free admission every Monday as of 2015. This includes special exhibition galleries. Members and children 5 and under are also free on other days of the week. More » Geography

The days in which a museum is generally open depends on the specific museum and location; many are open 7 days a week and others close at least 1 day a week. For example, many museums in Paris are closed Mondays and publ... More » Geography

Many art museums offer free access to works of art online, including the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Rijksmuseum and Yale University Art Gallery. The National Gallery of Art has an open-a... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

To find the names of fine artists, tour art galleries or search artist databases such as Signature Finder. Art galleries and museums typically display the name of the artist on a placard next to each piece. Artist databa... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

The National Gallery of Art offers a number of high-quality printable art images through the NGA Images open access program at These images are all in the public domain and housed at the National Gallery ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Art Nouveau, a form of art inspired largely by the shapes and forms of untamed nature, began during the 1880s and was prominent until World War I. Its name is a French phrase meaning "new art." More » Art & Literature Fine Art