Metro PCS offers phones from a number of manufacturers who sell to other providers as well, so its overall product range is comparable to other providers. However, Metro PCS plans are prepaid, while the big phone provide... More » Technology Mobile

MetroPCS customers can pay their bills as far in advance as they choose, as of 2015. Payments that exceed a customer's current balance appear as a credit on the account. More »

Any unlocked GSM phone can be used as a MetroPCS upgrade phone. To make the upgrade, swap in a MetroPCS SIM card, and activate the phone online or in a MetroPCS store. MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier and does not offer dis... More »

You can find Metro PCS 4G phones for sale on several websites, including, and You may also find those phones in MetroPCS and Walmart stores all across the United States. More » Technology Mobile

Metro PCS phones do not require users to sign a long-term contract, notes the company's website. However, they do require their cellphone users to pay for their service a month in advance, as of 2015, though they can can... More » Technology Mobile

Metro PCS cell phones can be purchased online through the Metro PCS website, or they can be purchased at various wireless retailers throughout the country. The Metro PCS website has a "Store Locater" application that hel... More » Technology Mobile

Metro PCS offers insurance, known as Premium Handset Protection. The insurance provides coverage for the loss, theft or damage of cell phones, although some exclusions apply. The insurance does not cover loss or damage d... More » Technology Mobile