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Metrical form synonyms, Metrical form pronunciation, Metrical form translation, English dictionary definition of Metrical form. n. Chiefly British Variant of meter1. n. Chiefly British Variant of meter2. or n 1. a metric unit of length equal to approximately 1.094 yards 2.


In 1960, the metre was redefined in terms of a certain number of wavelengths of a certain emission line of krypton-86. In 1983, the current definition was adopted. The imperial inch is defined as 0.0254 metres (2.54 centimetres or 25.4 millimetres). One metre is about 3 3 ⁄ 8 inches longer than a yard, i.e. about 39 3 ⁄ 8 inches.


Define metrical. metrical synonyms, metrical pronunciation, metrical translation, English dictionary definition of metrical. adj. 1. Of, relating to, or composed in poetic meter: metrical verse; five metrical units in a line.


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The metrical "feet" in the classical languages were based on the length of time taken to pronounce each syllable, ... The most important Classical metre is the dactylic hexameter, the metre of Homer and Virgil. This form uses verses of six feet.


He likes to prove just how much he knows by doing neat things with his meter, and "Metrical Feet" is a perfect example of this. If you've read our "Summary" and "Form and Meter" sections you know that Coleridge uses at least six different types of "poetic feet" (iamb, spondee, trochee, anapest, amphimacer, amphibrach) in this poem.


What works against this is precisely the metrical form. For example if the first two lines were written together they would be analyzed as having five (not four) feet because the final unfooted syllable of the first line would combine to form a foot with the initial unfooted syllable of the second.


Looking for Metrical form? Find out information about Metrical form. 1 , meter 1. a metric unit of length equal to approximately 1.094 yards 2. the basic SI unit of length; the length of the path travelled by light in free... Explanation of Metrical form


Along with the length of the line, metrical patterns are the most basic technique a poet employs to create rhythm. Poets utilize a number of different metrical patterns to this end. The five most common metrical patterns, or meters, in poetry are iambic, anapestic, trochaic, spondaic, and dactylic. The basic metrical unit is known as a foot.


Ode definition, a lyric poem typically of elaborate or irregular metrical form and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion. See more.